Underwater Clean-Up

Clean-up dive at Sinai Divers Backpackers
Clean-Up while diving

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that most of our water bodies on this planet are polluted by visible and invisible matters. We are divers who love the beauty of the ocean and their amazing inhabitants. We are also human beings who need a healthy living environment. It is essential for us to guarantee the cleanliness of our water. While on holiday and diving we can also take part in supporting our mutual aim by removing rubbish and other hostile leftovers from the sea.

Here are some tips for a responsible & safe underwater clean-up:
  • Always maintain neutral buoyancy and keep an eye on your dive profile.
  • Only collect light items so your buoyancy does not get affected.
  • Stay away from sharp objects which could harm you or your equipment.
  • Always check for living organism in or on the object.
  • If the object is too much entangled or already part of the environment it is better to leave it behind.
  • Make sure to keep your hands free and store items in a utility bag or in the pockets of your BCD

Things to collect, also called marine debris or marine trash are e.g. plastic items such as bottles and bags, cigarette butts, loose fishing lines (watch out for the hook of course), lost snorkelling equipment, aluminium containers, cans, tins etc. Also before, in between and after diving it is a good time to clean up the shore and beach from carelessly disposed rubbish. So why not making every dive a little clean-up dive? And as one famous French diver once said:

Leave only bubbles, take only memories (and rubbish),
kill only time.
We organise regular clean-up dives at Sinai Divers Backpackers. Contact Thorsten to find out when you can join us for the next one!
In this spirit, we wish you happy bubbles!

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