An extraordinary experience

The Blue Hole is probably the most infamous dive site in Egypt. A cavernous hole approximately 25m across plunges from the reef table down to unfathomable depths.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

DEPTH: 30m

CURRENTS: uncommon


Left from the entry at around 56m “The Arch” starts with the base at around 120m, it connects the Blue Hole to the open ocean. The Arch is beyond the limits of recreational diving.

Enter the water from the beach. It is marked “easy entrance”. Cross the hole and leave it through the exit at 7m.

The Blue Hole hardly offers corals contrary to the beautiful external wall. The coral growth and its splendid colors are breathtaking.
Descend there to your chosen depth. Make sure you stick to a depth well within your ability! On your way back up, search for the rare red anemone in 10m depth.

In recent years the dive site has earned itself a bad reputation. Many have died there testing their limits beneath the deep archway. The cliffs around the bay bear their epitaphs. The danger of the Blue Hole is that it has no bottom. To make a mistake here can have serious consequences, with no second chances. People trying to discover their limits only find them when they have gone too far.


The Blue Hole is perfect for TEC diving. To dive the deeper section of these fascinating formations one has to be a TEC-diver, using special gas-mixtures. Several dive-operators in Dahab offer TEC-courses and diving.