El Shugarat

Little Trees

El Shugarat is also known as “little trees” in Arabic, and once you are there you will find out why. This beautiful dive site is only accessible by boat.


DEPTH: 40m

CURRENTS: very common


The captain will drop you off right next to the reef. Descend down and swim along a beautiful reef wall until you come to a sandy bottom. On the deep side of the sandy bottom at around 16 m you will find an impressive open canyon. When you descend between the walls of the canyon, at around 30 m two big black corals will come into view on each side. Take a moment to look for the long nose hawkfish. Exit the canyon to the left and you will swim into a virtual forest of gorgonian fan corals. As you are flying over this amazing site you will see them scattered down the reef wall out of sight and into the deep. Unbelievable.

As you slowly ascend while still soaring over this forest you will return back to the reef table then enter one of the most beautiful lagoons around Dahab.

You can see giant table corals and all kinds of life in and around this lagoon. Once returned to the reef wall you see the last set of gorgonians and turning back into the lagoon in search for nudibranchs, blue spotted rays, crocodile fish and many other species. On the end of the lagoon, you reach the canyon so don’t forget to take time for a last look inside and to get ready for the safety stop.


Boat trip: 1 hour/10 minutes. At this site you will see one of the most beautiful lagoons in Dahab.