Like a labyrinth…

Islands is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Dahab. More than 9 years ago an earthquake made the first coral fall down from the islands and created an area called the “Maze”…

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

DEPTH: 20m

CURRENTS: sometimes


The Islands offer tropical corals at its best, with a wide range of hard and soft coral, combined with outstanding topography. You can explore a maze of coral boulders, alleyways, amphitheatres, valleys and gullies all in less than 18 meters. After the entry follows a wide sandy valley, before entering the intricate reef system. The quantity and quality of the corals is a phenomenon. You can see plenty of big groupers, glittering anthias, jewel-like schools of glass fish, napoleons, lionfish and a dense shoal of barracudas usually roams the northern section of the reef.

This beautiful spot is an all time favourite for everyone who enjoys diving, it is definitely a real piece of paradise.


Entry can be a bit difficult at low tide.