Sheltered & centric

Lighthouse is a very popular dive site in Dahab which is perfect for teaching all levels. It has one of the easiest entries and exits and is always sheltered from the wind, diving there is always possible.

DIFFICULTY: Easy-intermediate

DEPTH: 40m

CURRENTS: sometimes


As you step in the water you will find a shallow sandy area that slowly drops off into a large grassy slope. Look out for seahorses and seamoth (pegasus) that generally occur in pairs. There is also a good chance to find the rare anglerfish. On the left site the reef begins. The reef wall is similar to many that you will find in Dahab, it is common to see unicorn fish and a small school or two of bar sea bream. The reef wall is scattered over numerous sandy patches with enormous big pinnacles arising from all directions, which disappear into the deep.

Follow the reef wall and cruise over and between these pinnacles until you reach the saddle.

Here you can always find some scorpion and crocodile fish and if you are lucky you might meet a stone fish. Cross the saddle and enter an amazing coral garden that will end with a very large gorgonian fan coral. Swim around the last pinnacle and come back towards the reef wall where you will slowly ascend to the small sandy lagoon at around 5m.
At night you will find spanish dancers, anenome crabs, nudibranches, octopus and moray eels.


The Lighthouse is the best site to do night dives because it lies in a sheltered bay.