For all levels

Moray Garden can be enjoyed by all divers regardless of level. It has a lot of small things but sightings of guitar sharks, white-tip reef sharks and whale sharks have been known.


DEPTH: 40m

CURRENTS: uncommon


On the right side, you will find a fascinating coral garden with a small wall dropping off to 50m. It is a great place to look into holes and cracks for interesting things like morays, nudibranchs and scorpionfish. Following the coral slope, you will pass a nice glassfish pinnacle at 22m.

As you come up to the shallow reef at the top of the coral garden you will at 7m. Find a sandy area where you can see a big school of yellow tail barracudas. At the left side of Moray Garden you have, at the deeper part, a coral slope with sand alleys streaming down. At the shallower part, you have beautiful table corals and coral blocks. It is a great place to find nudibranchs, morays and blue spotted stingrays.


Moray Garden is one of the beautiful dive sites in the south just between 3 Pools and Golden Blocks.
At the entry and exit point you have a sandy slope from where you can go either right or left or do drift dives from Golden Blocks or to 3 Pools.