Sha’ab Said

Amazing Reefs

Sha’ab Said is one of the most beautiful sites you will find in Dahab. It is located just north of Gabr el Bint, next to the small “Blue Hole” and it is reached by boat.


DEPTH: 20m

CURRENTS: sometimes


When you arrive at Shaab Said you can spot the edge of the reef going north where it forms into two lagoons. The captain will drop you just in front of the first lagoon. Sha’ab Said is perfect for your third dive of the day as it is very shallow. You will do most of the dive at 15 m. Swim inside the first lagoon and enter into walls of stone coral like yellow pore coral (Porites Lutea), galaxy coral (Galaxea Fascicularis) and plate coral (Leptoseris Yabei) just to name a few! Keep swimming into the first lagoon over a small sandy bottom at around 17m.

Swim out of the first lagoon you will be amazed, this site you can drift between big pinnacles and small caves and swim-throughs. Excellent buoyancy will be needed in this area, as you continue the dive in the shallow watch as the perfect light shines through the water resting on the soft and hard corals enhancing their color.

When entering into the second lagoon you will find yourself in the middle of a school of snubnose rudderfish chasing each other and some black-and-white snappers. The corals keep on going and going into the distant blue, if you are lucky and have high tide the dive guide may take you for a brief look into the small blue hole.


Boat trip: 55 minutes. This site is only dived by a few people among us, so if you have the chance you will be amazed at the condition of this reef.