Red Sea Addicts

Read Sea addicts early trips to the Sinai
Oldies but Goodies: Red Sea Addicts

These boys are living proof that one is never too old to dive. We met the first time in 1975 when they joined our Sinai Safari. Two years later in 1977 they booked a Jeep diving safari with us from Eilat to Ras Mohamed. The plan was to dive along the untouched reefs of the Sinai.

Back then the Sinai was occupied by Israel, diving in these days was a different world compared to today. There were no Hotels except the basic chalets of the moshav “Holiday village Di-Zahav“, most Divers were camping. No Diving centre, we had to bring the compressors and tanks and all gear along with us from Eilat. The guides and guests drove the cars, filled tanks and had to cook as well.

Most dive sites we dive today were unknown. Blue Hole and Canyon just discovered. We drove along the shore with the VW busses or by Jeep and trailer and jumped in for a dive where ever it looked interesting. To dive the Blue Hole one had to either walk 500 m with full gear or the brave driver flew over the then very steep hill with the VW bus or by 4 x4. The village was inhabited by Beduins only. They lived during summer in the mountains and wadis and during winter they went fishing. It was during these days when our Red Sea Addicts joined us on one of our safaris. They have been diving with us ever since.

You are never too old to dive!

What a surprise when I found them at Sinai Divers Oasis in Marsa Alam during my last visit there. The two youngest of our Red Sea Addicts are Manfred and Uwe. They are now in their early sixties. The most senior one is Gerd with 80. Wolfgang will turn 71 this year.

In more than 40 years they never lost their love for diving and the Red Sea, diving three times a day during their holidays in Egypt. All four are still active in their diving clubs and dive regularly in (very) cold waters back home in Germany. It is such a pleasure to see them healthy and fit and enjoying life to the fullest!

Red Sea Addicts group picture 2017
Today, the five of us are good for a total of 340 years and approximately 20500 dives.

Red Sea Addicts from left to right: Manfred, Rolf, Gerd, Wolfgang and Uwe.

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