Diving (not only) for Backpackers

Backpackers diving in Dahab
Flair & Tranquility

Since the 80s Dahab is a little heaven for divers and backpackers from all around the world. Over the last decades Dahab developed from a small, sleepy Bedouin village into one of Egypt’s most treasured diving destinations. Even by the change Dahab could always maintain its unique flair and tranquility and awaits now its visitors. Dahab is on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula, approximately 80 km northeast of the airport of Sharm el Sheikh.

Diving from the shore and from the boat

Dahab is surrounded by a fringing reef most of the diving is done from the shore. The most famous dive sites, the Blue Hole and the Canyon have easy entries from the shore and so do other lovely dive sites as Eel Garden, the Islands and Lighthouse and so on. However, some of the most beautiful and pristine dive sites are only accessible by boat or with a camel safari. A great trip, not only for backpackers! We are using our boat Ghazala 6 to reach dive sites in the North around Abu Galum and to the South, the area of Gabr el Bint. Both offer pristine diving conditions and a beautiful day on our boat.

When is it a good time for diving in Dahab?

The diving conditions are good and easy throughout the year. The visibility underwater has an average of 15 to 25 meters and during summer time it can reach and exceed 40 meters. The current is usually mild to moderate and easy to deal with and the water temperature moves between 20 degrees in February and 29 degrees in August.

What you can see underwater in Dahab

Dahab offers to its divers a great variety of dive sites and topographies. From the deep wall of the Blue Hole to stunning hard coral gardens and a high abundance of soft corals and reef fish families. The most common species here are groupers, angel- and butterfly fishes, wrasses (from the small cleaner wrasse to the enormous Napoleon wrasse), scorpion fishes, octopus and squids as well various morays. While diving in Dahab divers also have a good chance to see green and hawksbill turtles, different kind of rays and on a lucky day even dolphins.
As we keep our group sizes small on fun dives, all of our divers have the chance to get close to the amazing macro world such as seahorses, nudibranchs and other funky creatures.

The best is to get your backpack ready and come to Dahab to discover this diving gem by yourself!

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